Hi !

Welcome to EnARTchi, the Universal School for Energy, Arts and Healing. My name is Maarten Steurs. Good to know you, I am very glad you are here! Please allow me just a couple of minutes of your time, so that I can present to you who I am, why I founded this School, what we stand for, what we teach... and most importantly: what we can mean for You!



create a Life that is full-filled with Feelings of LOVE (Love for Oneself, for Others, for the Earth, for Life and for the Universe)
connect with and develop their CREATIVE and ARTISTIC capabilities
connect with and develop their HEALING powers


Reaching these Goals is much easier than you probably have ever thought or imagined. Basically, the only thing you have to do is one thing:


A increased Inner Freedom is characterized by ...

the absence of significant blockages (physical, emotional, mental or spiritual)
a larger repository of movements, choices and possibilities available to you
... nog iets

Before You can get There, You will need to go through an important phase of SELF-HEALING. Anybody who follows the techniques and teachings of enARTchi will discover and understand, sooner or later, that these capabilities have nothing to do with the degree you obtained, nor the profession you have, but grow spontaneously.

Therefore, the Artists and Healers we aim at to work with at EnArtChi, are the Artists and Healers within You (no matter what is your background and profession).